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Women Sleeping With Young Boys: The Exposed Secrets

Mrs Eno has been a nonconformist all her life. This
eventful day, she waited patiently at the VIP lounge of
the local airport, fuming at the unnecessary delay in her
flight when she noticed this young chap in his 30s
saunter towards her. Eno is in her late 50s. Curiously,
she glanced at the seemingly shy man as he perched on
a seat next to her.
The conversation was stilted at first until Eno let it drop
that she had an engagement at the Port Harcourt branch
of the motel she ran. “He instantly became interested in
what I had to say and was chatting away as if he’d just
discovered his tongue,” Eno recalled.
“When we eventually boarded the plane, it was
inevitable that we sat together. He was quite helpful
really, with my suitcase and making sure I was
comfortable. When we arrived Port Harcourt, he asked
tentatively if he could be put up in any of the rooms in
my motel as it was too late to secure any decent
accommodation. I would be a fool to pretend I didn’t
know where all this was leading to. I was a single
woman, twice divorced, and men like Ebere (an Igbo
guy) swarmed around me all the time. Not that I look
stunning at over 50, but because they could get
compensated for services well rendered in the bedroom…
“At my age, you have to take what is thrown at you and
men like Ebere are fit and strong and quite better looking
than men my age – and they appreciate you. Like, a
friend aptly put it, getting involved with younger men is
like walking down a well-stocked supermarket with an
empty trolley. The goods on display are just begging to
be snapped up.
Would she call it prostitution? I asked her, she replied:
“Call it whatever you like, but there is a clear exchange
of cash or gifts for s*xual services. The agreement may
last an hour, a night or a week. In some cases, it is a
more informal long-term investment. The toyboy’s aim
being to acquire benefits over a period he finds an older
woman, get involved and build up a nest-egg for when
he gets married.
“One thing is for sure, as long as you are loaded, you can
be plain or fat or a pensioner you will still be made to feel
young and beautiful, and there are more than enough of
these men to go round with their taut well exercised
bodies. They don’t need all those Viagra stuff unlike a lot
of men my age.”
“It is sad that dating younger men which used to be a
rarity now operates on an industrial scale,” observes a
social commentator who says she feels disgusted by
some older women’s get-laid wherever-you-can-get-it
“What was exciting has turned exploitative. Passion has
been replaced by the predatory and caring has become a
con to the opportunistic gigolos.”
And they have stupid well-worn lines they use on their
victims that never fail. You are my destiny, without you, I
would never have made it in life!’ Sloppy words that
send their victims reaching for their cheque books.
“Life is short”, Eno concluded dreamy-eyed. “I’m rich. My
two children are happily married, and in a decade or two,
I might be history. With those younger men, I might buy
the drinks, the gifts and give them a good time, but
believe me, it is a bargain for the emotional satisfaction I
get. The married women amongst my friends use my
motels all the time, then go home and resume their
normal life with their husband and pretend as if they are
faithful wives.”
Years back. when a group of us discussed the issue of
younger lovers, Gladis had been indignant at having “to
strip in front of a gangling man.” She said there were far
more interesting men around for her to make a fool of
herself with an inexperienced braggart! When I now
discussed Eno’s case with her. it was obvious her views
had mellowed with years.
“At Eno’s age,” she said, “you’ve got to get love
anywhere you can find it. Men of her age group are not
exactly bursting with testosterone and forty something
‘younger’ men are more discreet than those in their 20s!
I’ll tell you what happened to me a few years back. I was
on my way to the UK when I ran into Joshua, a younger
colleague in the year when I used to work in an office. He
was the one who recognized me really. I wouldn’t have
believed it was him if he hadn’t approached me. He had
filled out a bit, was obviously successful since he was
flying first class and he looked really dishy.
“He was a bit irritating when we worked together and I
was his boss – always coming to work late and tearing
up any query he was given. He was eventually sacked
but he showed no remorse and grapevine had it he got a
better job, thanks to his influential dad.
“He seemed to have forgotten our little spats as he
offered dinner in a very posh restaurant. I was to be in
London for only two weeks and he stayed at this cool
service apartment. When I realized he was eating out a
lot of the time, I agreed to cook him some meals – his
company was fun afterall, and his bar was well-stocked!
Inevitably, we had s*x – and it was good. He was a few
years younger. experienced and mature – or so I
“He had to spoil things by blurting out he never
imagined in his wildest dreams that he could bed a
woman like me – a woman who had been so hoity-toity
and seemingly untouchable! There was actually pride in
his voice – like he’d tamed a shrew!
“I felt a bit embarrassed but you could see that was how
he really felt – and I’m sure he would have boasted to a
few of his friends when he got back home. We didn’t
even bother to arrange to see each other after I left. He’d
obviously schemed to bed a prospective `hot’ woman
and proud he’d accomplished the task. This has nothing
to do with his being younger – afterall he was a grown
man. Some men are quite childish and see bedding
different women as an accomplishment. All I know is that
there are a lot of decent and discreet younger men out
there and if you could get one – make the most of the
Source: Vanguard
– What can I say? There are many evils in the land, only
those who sincerely want to live right can escape.

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