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UBELIEVABLE: Obasanjo, Jonathan, Zuma, Nkurunziza - See as Top African Leaders Display Football Skills on the Pitch (Photos)

Have you ever seen your African leaders play football before? Well wonder no more. Here are some images showing them in action.
File photo
These are photos of African leaders showing off some skills with the football.
Like it is said, all work and no play really makes one a dull person, and these leaders understand that.
So, taking a break from politics, politicians like Olusegun Obasanjo, Jacob Zuma, Pierre Nkurunziza and Goodluck Jonathan have once upon a time, shown us what they can do with the ball.
Below are some photos:
1. Pierre Nkurunziza (The President of Burundi)
2. Olusegun Obasanjo (Former President of Nigeria)
3. Jacob Zuma (President of South Africa)
4. Goodluck Jonathan (Former President of Nigeria)

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